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We currently manage and/or had managed rental units in the following list of buildings and are familiar with these buildings. If you have rental condos or rental townhouses in these buildings and are interested in using our rental management services, then the management set up process will be fast and easy. We have already done our due diligence on these buildings, we probably already have the bylaws and regulations on file, and we may already know the contact information for on-site caretakers and move-in move-out procedures.

 Vancouver Downtown

   Coal Harbour, Concord Pacific Place, Downtown, False Creek North, West End, Yaletown
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688 Abbott Street (Firenze II) 689 Abbott Street (Espana)
1060 Alberni Street (The Carlyle) 1111 Alberni Street (Living Shangri-La)
1200 Alberni Street (The Palisades) 1288 Alberni Street (The Palisades)
1331 Alberni Street (The Lions) 1367 Alberni Street (The Lions)
1723 Alberni Street (The Park) 1830 Alberni Street (Garden Court)
1863 Alberni Street (Lumiere) 27 Alexander Street (The Alexander)
150 Alexander Street (Mission House) 289 Alexander Street (The EDGE)
193 Aquarius Mews (Marinaside Resort Residences) 1028 Barclay Street (Patina)
1616 Bayshore Drive (Bayshore Gardens) 1680 Bayshore Drive (Bayshore Tower)
1263 Barclay Street (West Point Terrace) 1710 Bayshore Drive (Bayshore Gardens)
455 Beach Crescent (Parkwest I) 583 Beach Crescent (Parkwest II)
638 Beach Crescent (ICON) 888 Beach Avenue (Garden Tower at 888 Beach)
907 Beach Avenue (Coral Court) 990 Beach Avenue(1000 Beach)
1005 Beach Avenue (ALVAR) 1575 Beach Avenue (Plaza Del Mar)
518 Beatty Street (Studio 518) 546 Beatty Street (The Crane)
550 Beatty Street (FIVE FIFTY) 928 Beatty Street (The Max)
989 Beatty Street (NOVA) 499 Broughton Street (Denia at Waterfront Place)
588 Broughton Street (Harbourside Park) 738 Broughton Street (Alberni Place)
1003 Burnaby Street (The Milano) 1050 Burrard Street (Wall Centre)
1238 Burrard Street (Altadena) 1330 Burrard Street (Anchor Point)
888 Bute Street (The Stafford) 821 Cambie Street (Raffles)
930 Cambie Street (Pacific Landmark) 950 Cambie Street (Pacific Landmark II)
1088 Cambie Street (Waterworks) 1018 Cambie Street (Yaletown Limited Edition)
560 Cardero Street (AVILA at Waterfront Place) 828 Cardero Street (Fusion on Robson)
815 Chilco Street (Chilco at Lagoon) 602 Citadel Parade (Spectrum 4)
1350 Comox Street (Broughton Terrace) 1850 Comox Street (EL CID)
1351 Continental Street (MADDOX) 980 Cooperage Way (Coopers Pointe)
189 Davie Street (Aquarius Resort Residences) 212 Davie Street (Parkview Gardens)
1762 Davie Street (O2) 199 Drake Street (Concordia)
289 Drake Street (Parkview Towers) 388 Drake Street (Governor's Tower)
789 Drake Street (Century Tower) 950 Drake Street (Anchor Point)
55 E. Cordova Street (Koret Lofts) 939 Expo Blvd (The Max II)
610 Granville Street (The Hudson) 788 Hamilton Street (TV Towers)
819 Hamilton Street ( 888 Hamilton Street (Rosedale Garden)
1072 Hamilton Street (The Crandall) 1275 Hamilton Street (The Alda)
1045 Haro Street (City View) 1111 Haro Street (Eleven Eleven Haro)
811 Helmcken Street (Imperial Tower) 822 Homer Street (Galileo on Robson)
833 Homer Street (Atelier) 928 Homer Street (Yaletown Park I)
939 Homer Street (The Pinnacle) 1001 Homer Street (The Bentley)
1323 Homer Street (Pacific Point) 1331 Homer Street (Pacific Point)
1155 Homer Street (City Crest) 1216 Homer Street (Murchie's Building)
1245 Homer Street (Iliad) 1318 Homer Street (Governor's Villa)
1483 Homer Mews (Waterford) 1515 Homer Street (King's Landing)
1560 Homer Mews (The ERICKSON) 1308 Hornby Street (SALT)
1525 Hornby Street (PURE) 1500 Hornby Street (Beach Tower at 888 Beach)
1600 Hornby Street (Yacht Harbour Pointe) 1625 Hornby Street (Seawalk North)
1675 Hornby Street (Seawalk South) 1010 Howe Street (1010 Howe Residences)
1189 Howe Street (The Genesis) 1455 Howe Street (Pomaria)
1500 Howe Street (The Discovery) 1501 Howe Street (Ocean Tower at 888 Beach)
323 Jervis Street (Escala) 555 Jervis Street (Harbourside Park)
63 Keefer Place (Europa) 133 Keefer Street (The Keefer)
183 Keefer Place (Paris Place) 188 Keefer Street (188 KEEFER)
628 Kinghorne Mews (Silver Sea) 633 Kinghorne Mews (ICON II)
909 Mainland Street (Yaletown Park II) 977 Mainland Street (Yaletown Park III)
1155 Mainland Street (Del Prado) 1033 Marinaside Crescent (Quaywest Resort Residences)
1077 Marinaside Crescent (Marinaside Resort Residences) 1099 Marinaside Crescent (Marinaside Resort Residences)
1201 Marinaside Crescent (The Peninsula) 1228 Marinaside Crescent (Crestmark II)
1288 Marinaside Crescent (Crestmark I) 1166 Melville Street (Orca Place)
1189 Melville Street (The Melville) 1211 Melville Street (The Ritz)
1238 Melville Street (The Pointe Claire) 1277 Melville Street (Flatiron)
120 Milross Avenue (The Brighton) 125 Milross Avenue (Creekside)
189 National Avenue (Sussex at City Gate) 938 Nelson Street (One Wall Centre)
989 Nelson Street (Electra) 1510 Nelson Street (Ashbury Place)
1655 Nelson Street (Hempstead Manor) 1928 Nelson Street (Westpark House)
535 Nicola Street (Bauhinia at Waterfront Place) 590 Nicola Street (Cascina at Waterfront Place)
1386 Nicola Street (Kensington Place) 501 Pacific Street (The 501)
550 Pacific Street (Aqua in the Park) 888 Pacific Street (Pacific Promenade)
1003 Pacific Street (Seastar) 1040 Pacific Street (Chelsea Terrace)
1088 Quebec Street (The Viceroy) 1188 Quebec Street (City Gate I)
131 Regiment Square (Spectrum 3) 777 Richards Street (Telus Garden)
788 Richards Street (L'hermitage en Ville) 928 Richards Street (The Savoy)
969 Richards Street (Mondrian) 988 Richards Street (Tribeca Lofts)
989 Richards Street (Mondrian) 1001 Richards Street (The Miro)
1055 Richards (The Donovan) 1010 Richards Street (GALLERY)
1238 Richards Street (Metropolis) 1280 Richards Street (Grace Residences)
1295 Richards Street (The Oscar) 1438 Richards Street (azura I)
1495 Richards Street (azura II) 233 Robson Street (TV Towers)
1495 Richards Street (azura II) 1270 Robson Street (Robson Gardens)
438 Seymour Street (The Residences at Conference Plaza) 833 Seymour Street (Capitol Residences)
933 Seymour Street (the Spot) 1082 Seymour Street (Freesia)
1155 Seymour Street (The Brava! Residences) 1199 Seymour Street (The Brava! Residences)
1238 Seymour Street (SPACE Lofts) 1255 Seymour Street (Úlan)
1400's Seymour Mews (AQUA at the Park Townhouses) 33 Smithe Street (Coopers Lookout)
68 Smithe Street (One Pacific) 565 Smithe Street (VITA at Symphony Place)
938 Smithe Street (Electric Avenue) 1050 Smithe Street (Sterling)
1408 Strathmore Mews (West One) 550 Taylor Street (Taylor)
36 Water Street (Terminus) 128 W. Cordova Street (Woodward's W-43)
1139 W. Cordova Street (Two Harbour Green) 1169 W. Cordova Street (One Harbour Green)
111 W. Georgia Street (Spectrum) 161 W. Georgia Street (Cosmo)
1128 W. Georgia Street (Shangri-la Estates) 1200 W. Georgia Street (Residences On Georgia)
1288 W. Georgia Street (Residences On Georgia) 1239 W. Georgia Street (The Venus)
1331 W. Georgia Street (The Pointe) 1333 W. Georgia Street (The QUBE)
1420 W. Georgia Street (George Condominiums) 1788 W. Georgia street (Devon Gate)
837 W. Hastings street (Terminal City Club) 838 W. Hastings street (Jameson House)
1205 W. Hastings street (Cielo) 1111 W. Pender Street (The Vantage)
1188 W. Pender Street (Sapphire) 1328 W. Pender Street (The Classico)

 Vancouver Westside

   Arbutus, Cambie, Dunbar, Fairview, False Creek, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, Mackenzie Heights, Marpole, Oakridge, Point
     Grey, Quilchena, Shaughnessy, South Cambie, South Granville, Southlands, S.W. Marine, University
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2780 Acadia Road (Liberta) 5725 Agronomy Road (Glenlloyd Park)
5868 Agronomy Road (Sitka) 2630 Arbutus Street (Arbutus Outlook)
6500 block Arbutus Street (Bannister Mews) 2668 Ash Street (Cambridge Garden)
12 Athletes Way (The Village) 1515 Atlas Lane (Shannon Wall Centre)
1708 Columbia Street (Wall Centre False Creek) 2086 Cornwal Avenue (The Cyclades)
2655 Cranberry Drive (The New Yorker) 1833 Crowe Street (Foundry)
1887 Crowe Street (Pinnacle Living False Creek) 1688 Cypress Street (Yorkville South)
1989 Dunbar Street (Sonesta) 5555 Dunbar Street (5555 DUNBAR)
2965 Fir Street (Crystal Court) 1477 Fountain Way (Fountain Terrace)
5639 Hampton Place (Regency at Hampton Place) 5686 Hampton Place (Wyndham Hall at Hampton Place)
5735 Hampton Place (The Bristol at Hampton Place) 5880 Hampton Place (Thames Court at Hampton Place)
2851 Heather Street (Tapestry) 8988 Hudson Street (Retro Lofts)
489 Interurban Way (Marine Gateway) 6015 Iona Drive (Chancellor House)
6018 Iona Drive (Argyll House) 6080 Iona Drive (Stirling House)
Ironwork Passage (Spruce Village) 5568 Kings Road (Worhol at Galleria)
4883 Maclure Mews (Matthews House at Quilchena Park) 2228 Marstrand Avenue (SOLO at Arbutus Walk)
2288 Marstrand Avenue (The DUO at Arbutus Walk) 456 Moberly Road (Pacific Cove)
8031 Nunavut Lane (MC2) 5770 Oak Street (Oakridge Crowne)
2515 Ontario Street (The ELEMENTS) 1450 Pennyfarthing Drive (Harbour Cove)
2263 Redbud Lane (The TROPEZ at Arbutus Walk) 488 SW Marine Drive (Marine Gateway)
2025 Stephens Street (Stephens Court) 5812 Tisdall Street (Towne)
5740 Toronto Road (Glenlloyd Park) 3228 Tuppper Street (Olive)
4685 Valley Drive (Marguerite House at Quilchena Park) 4759 Valley Drive (Marguerite House II at Quilchena Park)
77 Walter Hardwick Avenue (The Village) 200 block Waterleigh Drive (The Springs)
2280 Wesbrook Mall (Keats Hall) 3478 Wesbrook Mall (Spirit at Wesbrook Village)
2338 Western Parkway (Winslow Commons) 38 W.1st Avenue (The One)
88 W.1st Avenue (The One) 108 W.1st Avenue (Wall Centre False Creek)
138 W.1st Avenue (Wall Centre False Creek) 181 W.1st Avenue (Brook at The Village)
288 W.1st Avenue (James) 388 W.1st Avenue (The Exchange)
1808 W.1st Avenue (FIRST) 2428 W.1st Avenue (Noble House)
445 W.2nd Avenue (Maynards Block) 1540 W.2nd Avenue (The Waterfall)
1808 W.3rd Avenue (KORE) 2416 W.3rd Avenue (Landmark Reef)
2929 W.4th Avenue (The Madison) 3000 block W.4th Avenue (Santa Barbara)
3839 W.4th Avenue (Brillia) 1868 W.5th Avenue (The Greenwich)
670 W.6th Avenue (Bohemia) 1565 W.6th Avenue (6&Fir)
1818 W.6th Avenue (The Carnegie) 2173 W.6th Avenue (The Malibu)
538 W.7th Avenue (Cambie+7)) 587 W.7th Avenue (Affiniti)
704 W.7th Avenue (Heather Park) 1777 W.7th Avenue (KITS360)
428 W.8th Avenue (XLofts) 795 W.8th Avenue (Dover Pointe)
1530 W.8th Avenue (Pintura) 1675 W.8th Avenue (Camera)
2190 W.8th Avenue (Westwood Villa) 2255 W.8th Avenue (West Wind)
3720 W.8th Avenue (Highbury Place) 2137 W.10th Avenue (The i)
1333 W.11th Avenue (Sakura) 2088 W.11th Avenue (Lofts in Kits)
750 W.12th Avenue (Tapestry) 1405 W.12th Avenue (The Warrenton)
2226 W.12th Avenue (DESEO at Arbutus Walk) 975 W.13th Avenue (Oakmont Place)
1205 W.14th Avenue (Signature Place) 1468 W.14th Avenue (Avedon)
460 W.16th Avenue (Cambie Square) 592 W.16th Avenue (Ash and W.16th)
833 W.16th Avenue (The Emerald) 2083 W.33rd Avenue (Devonshire House)
677 W.41st Avenue (41 West) 995 W.59th Avenue (Churchill Gardens)
1503 W.66th Avenue (Granville Mansions) 1068 W. Broadway (The Zone)
2268 W. Broadway (The VINE) 3505 W. Broadway (Collingwood @ Broadway)
5325 West Boulevard (Boulevard Private Residences) 525 Wheelhouse Square (Henley Court)
5600's Willow Street (WILLOW) 1919 Wylie Street (Maynards Block)

 Vancouver Eastside

   Cedar Cottage, Champlain Heights, Collingwood, Commercial Drive, Fraser, Fraserview, Grandview, Killarney, Knight,
     Main, Mount Pleasant, Renfrew, Renfrew Heights, South Main, Victoria
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289 Alexander Street (The EDGE) 8500 block Aquitania Place (Southampton)
5665 Boundary Road (False Creek Central Park) 2763 Chandlery Place (River Dance)
3520 Crowley Drive (The Millenio at Collingwood Village) 3588 Crowley Drive (Nexus at Collingwood Village)
3663 Crowley Drive (Latitude at Collingwood Village) 2215 Dundas Street (Harbour Reach)
111 E.1st Avenue (Block 100) 108 E.1st Avenue (Meccanica)
256 E.2nd Avenue (Jacobsen) 234 E.5th Avenue (Lofts at Main on 5th)
711 E.6th Avenue (Picasso) 311 E.6th Avenue (WOHLSEIN)
1420 E.8th Avenue (The Willowbridge) 328 E.11th Avenue (UNO)
1568 E.22nd Avenue (Fleming Lane) 188 E.32nd Avenue (Brock)
3423 E.Hastings Street (ZOEY) 2020 E.Kent Avenue (Tugboat Landing)
702 E.King Edward Avenue (The Magnolia) 231 E.Pender Street (Framework)
4815 Eldorado Mews (2300 Kingsway) 4818 Eldorado Mews (2300 Kingsway)
4113 Fraser Street (Cambria Terrace) 4372 Fraser Street (The Sheridan)
8450 Jellicoe Street (The Boardwalk) 2689 Kingsway (Skyway Tower)
4028 Knight Street (King Edward Village) 2973 Kingsway (Mountainview Place)
7089 Mont Royal Square (Champlain Village) 5380 Oben Street (urba at Collingwood Village)
2635 Prince Edward Street (SOMA Lofts) 1618 Quebec Street (Central)
3133 Riverwalk Ave (New Water) 3162 Riverwalk Ave (Shoreline)
3163 Riverwalk Ave (New Water) 2770 Sophia Street (Stella)
919 Station Street (Left Bank) 3638 Vanness Avenue (The Brio at Collingwood Village)
3660 Vanness Avenue (CIRCA at Collingwood Village) 2001 Wall Street (Cannery Row)
1641 Woodland Drive (Woodland Court)


   Brentwood Park, Burnaby Hospital, Burnaby Lake, Cariboo, Capitol Hill, Central Burnaby, Central Park, Deer Lake, East
     Burnaby, Edmonds, Forest Glen, Forest Hills, Government Road, Lougheed, Metrotown, Middlegate, Simon Fraser
     Hills, SFU, South Slope, UniverCity, Vancouver Heights
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7225 Acorn Ave (Axis) 6688 Arcola Street (Luma)
2060 Bellwood Avenue (Vantage Point II) 4880 Bennett Street (Chancellor)
7077 Beresford Street (City Club on the Park) 4888 Brentwood Drive (Fitzgerald)
6540 Burlington Ave (Burlington Square) 7488 Byrnepark Walk (GREEN)
9868 Cameron St (Silhouette at Northgate Village) 9888 Cameron St (Silhouette at Northgate Village)
3970 Carrigan Court (Discovery Place) 7108 Collier Street (Arcadia West at Highgate Village)
7501 Cumberland Street (Deerfield) 8533 Cumberland Place (Chancery Lane)
4178 Dawson Street (Tandem) 4728 Dawson Street (Montage)
2133 Douglas Road (Perspectives) 6481 Elgin Avenue (Gobin's Grove)
9151 Forest Grove Drive (Rossmoor) 5611 Goring Street (Legacy II)
9233 Government Street (Sandlewood) 4132 Halifax Street (Marquis Grande)
4353 Halifax Street (Brent Gardens) 7063 Hall Avenue (Emerson at Highgate Village)
9098 Halston Court (Sandlewood II) 3811 Hastings Street (Mondeo)
5988 Hastings Street (Saturna) 4689 Hazel Street (The Madison)
4808 Hazel Street (Centrepoint) 9050 Highland Court (CentreBlock at UniverCity)
2225 Holdom Avenue (Legacy) 5000 Imperial Street (Luna)
7339 MacPherson Avenue (Cadence) 2088 Madison Avenue (Fresco at Renaissance Towers)
2138 Madison Avenue (Mosaic at Renaissance Towers) 2345 Madison Avenue (OMA)
7400's Magnolia Terrace (Camarillo) 6220 Mckay Avenue (Grand Cornich II)
9857 Manchester Drive (Barclay Woods) 4105 Maywood Street (Time Square West)
4165 Maywood Street (Place On The Park) 6538 Nelson Avenue (The MET 2)
6588 Nelson Avenue (The MET) 5588 Patterson Avenue (The Decorus)
6128 Patterson Avenue (Grand Central Park Place) 6188 Patterson Avenue (Wimbledon Club)
6893 Prenter Street (The Ventura) 2008 Rosser Avenue (Stratus @ Solo District)
7330 Salisbury Avenue (The Botanica) 9146 Saturna Drive (Mountain Wood)
5788 Sidley Street (MacPherson Walk) 4485 Skyline Drive (Altus at Solo District)
6888 Southpoint Drive (Cortina) 7488 Southwynde Avenue (Legdestone)
6837 Station Hill Drive (The Claridges at City in-the-park) 7168 Stride Avenue (Eden at Edmonds)
6833 Village Green (Carmel in The Village) 9229 University Crescent (Serenity at UniverCity)
9262 University Crescent (Novo II at UniverCity) 9266 University Crescent (Aurora at UniverCity)
9288 University Crescent (Novo I at UniverCity) 9319 University Crescent (Harmony at UniverCity)
9320 University (One University Crescent at UniverCity) 9339 University Crescent (Harmony at UniverCity)
6088 Willingdon Avenue (The Crystal) 1945 Woodway Place (Hillside Terrace)


   Brighouse, Brighouse South, East Richmond, McLennan North, Terra Nova
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8700 Ackroyd Road (Lansdowne Square) 3051 Airey Drive (Bridgeport Court)
9333 Alberta Road (Trellaine) 7555 Alderbridge Way (Ocean Walk)
7575 Alderbridge Way (Ocean Walk) 5488 Arcadia Road (Regency Villa)
4233 Bayview Street (The Village) 4311 Bayview Street (Imperial Landing)
4388 Bayview Street (Phoenix Pond) 6233 Birch Street (Hamptons Gate)
6331 Buswell Street (Perla) 8633 Capstan Way (Sorrento at Capstain Village)
5399 Cedarbridge Way (RIVA at Oval Village) 5933 Cooney Road (JADE)
6119 Cooney Road (Rosario Gardens) 3111 Corvette Way (Wall Centre Richmond)
5700 Dover Crescent (Beverly Lane) 5860 Dover Crescent (Lighthouse Place)
6611 Eckersley Road (MODENA) 7360 Elmbridge Way (Flo)
9200 Ferndale Road (Kensington Court) 9233 Ferndale Road (RED II)
9400 Ferndale Road (Springleaf Court) 7979 Firbridge Way (Quintet)
5100's Garden City Road (Lions Park) 7831 Garden City Road (Royal Garden)
5233 Gilbert Road (River Park Place) 7760 Granville Avenue (Golden Leaf Tower)
8180 Granville Avenue (The Duchess) 8288 Granville Avenue (Harmony)
8460 Granville Avenue (Coronado at The Palms) 8833 Hazelbridge Way (Concord Gardens)
9180 Hemlock Drive (Magnolia at Hampton Park) 9188 Hemlock Drive (The Casuarina at Hamptons Park)
9373 Hemlock Drive (Mandalay) 8180 Jones Road (Laguna)
8200 Jones Road (Laguna) 8333 Jones Road (Camelia Gardens)
8120 Lansdowne Road (Prado) 8851 Lansdowne Road (Centre Pointe)
9388 McKim Way (Mayfair Place) 7471 Minoru Boulevard (Woodridge Estates)
7297 Moffatt Road (Dorcester Circle) 4280 Moncton Street (The Village)
7333 Murdoch Avenue (Park Residences at Minoru Park) 12639 No 2 Road (Nautica South)
4099 No 4 Road (Clifton Garden) 9288 Odlin Road (Meridian Gate)
9500 Odlin Road (Cambridge Park) 14100 Riverport Way (Waterstone Pier)
6888 Robson Drive (Stanford Place) 8297 Saba Road (Rosario Gardens)
5380 Smith Drive (Bridgeview Court) 7700 St Albans Road (Sunnyvale)
4099 Stolberg Street (REMY) 4133 Stolberg Street (REMY)
9399 Tomicki Avenue (Cambridge Park) 3880 Westminster Hwy (Mayflower)
7831 Westminster Hwy (The Capri) 8068 Westminster Hwy (Camino)
8451 Westminster Hwy (Arboretum) 8091 Williams Road (Sereno)
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