Sunstar Realty Ltd.- providing residential rental real estate property management service for local and non-resident investors with condos, townhouses, houses, in Vancouver Downtown, Eastside &  Westside, Burnaby and Richmond, British Columbia, Canada since 1994.     Your Peace of Mind is the Core of Our Business
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service provider philosophy Our Philosophy
Our investors clients are our bosses. We are given this business opportunity because our clients trust us with their investments and money. On the other hand, our tenants are our customers. Our customers pay our bills and we do our best to provide quality customer services. We are the middleman, our job is to smooth out the conflicting interests of a tenant and an investor, and to provide a pleasant experience for both parties by conducting our business professionally, ethically, flexibly and promptly. Click here to find our more about us.

business approach in property management Our Approach
Our goal is to focus on every individual client's maximum return on their real estate investment while minimizing expenses. Our programs are designed to be as flexible as possible in order to satisfy each of our client's specific needs and unique situation. Quality customer service is our top priority.
Our motto: "Your Peace of Mind is The Core of Our Business."

belief in real estate investment Our Belief
Real estate investment is the best vehicle for any individuals who plan to become financially independent one day. Passive income or un-earned income from rental properties provide investors a great revenue source to finance and maintain a stable investment portfolio. A good tenant calls the investment property home, takes care of the property and is the perfect volunteer housekeeper, all the while making a huge contribution to the investor owner's retirement funds. A professional property management organization is the key in attracting high quality tenants, then nurturing long-term trusting tenant-landlord relationships, minimizing vacancies, helping the investors ride out the ups and downs of economic cycles, and ultimately realizing their long term investment goals.

people who need and value our property management service Our Clients
Our typical non-resident Canadian client is an individual who is usually an ex-pat of Canada, a non-resident of Canada, working abroad pursuing business or job opportunities while keeping his/her home as an investment property.

Our typical offshore investor is an individual from countries such as the U.S., U.K., Iran, China or Taiwan, who sees Vancouver as the most ideal and stable investment market to diversify his/her nest egg.

Our typical local client holds one to ten real estate properties at any given time benefiting from passive or "un-earned" income while enjoying healthy capital appreciation in the long run.

Our typical furnished properties client owns high end properties in Downtown Vancouver, Coal Harbour, False Creek North, Concord Pacific Place, West End or Yaletown, who likes to enjoy the use of the investment property recreationally or for business trips every now and then but also likes to reap benefits from the short term stay market.

Since 1994, together with many of our original clients who trusted their properties with us right from the beginning, we have ridden through 2 troughs and 3 peaks already in the Vancouver real estate market. With calm cool-headed investment discipline and the power of leverage, we share the joy of witnessing many clients multiplying the number of properties in their portfolio increasing net worth many folds every time when a trough had come to pass. We are here to share that joy with you and to help you iron out the hard times by providing Peace Of Mind property management services to you. Click here to see what our clients have to say about us.

unique business position Our Advantages
- We are a family-ran business...We carry traditional business values and work ethics.
- We are small...No need to go through layers of corporate bureaucracies.
- We are experts...We major in residential individual condos or detached homes only.
- We are financially sound...We don't cut corners for quick profits.
- We are local...We will grow with Vancouver together with your investments.
- We are international...We are Vancouverites from China, Hong Kong, Hungary,
  India, Korea, Latvia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, and
  of course, Canada.

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